Coffee Like a Barista was crafted from a personal need and annoyance of mine… I couldn’t find honest reviews of coffee equipment and coffee products.

Welcome, I’m Jack, a former chef-turned-barista who knows and loves the coffee industry.
It’s important to me that coffee buying becomes more approachable,that people feel like they’ve learned something new and making informed decisions as they explore new techniques, flavours and products.

As a coffee consultant, I’ve spent hours and hours trawling though Amazon where all the coffee equipment is for sale, which is awesome, but the reviews on Amazon, are for the most part, overwhelming and unreliable.

The enormous array of coffee products and equipment in the industry can be overwhelming as it is,

but then when you thought shady reviews written for ranking or written by hired aliases from the company. I really struggled to find genuine, unbiased professionally-minded reviews… the need for a trustworthy, unbiased affiliate solution seemed not only necessary but a great excuse to try, buy and review the coffee and all it’s facts without limitation.

Through my passion and professional work within the industry, I’ve become a proficient coffee resource.
There’s really nothing I would rather do with time, aside from walking my dog Ted, than reading another coffee book, writing coffee education, testing products and offering the best unbiased reviews that I can write.



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