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Buying Advice for Milk Frothers

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Buying Advice for Milk Frothers

Who is Bean Envy French Press with Milk Frother best suited for?

  • Home brewers looking for brewing a large batch (34 oz/1 Litre) of French Press coffee for a small price
  • Borosilicate glass, stainless-steel, BPA-free plastic – you’re getting surprisingly high-quality materials with the Bean Envy French Press at this price, especially seeing as it comes with decent customer service and a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Coffee lovers worried about brewing with plastic – the brewing coffee, water and resulting beverage never touches plastic during the entire brewing process.
  • French press brewers looking for value in an offer of a Lifetime Guarantee rather than value in highly-durable materials/brewer styles (if either the Bean Envy French Press or Bean Envy Milk Frother break – you can contact the company and they will send you a new one) which is great for those living in shred accommodation (late-night & early morning coffee-drinking students).
  • People who prefer textured, frothy milk in their coffee
  • Coffee drinkers in shared accommodation – large brews and a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee if it breaks is hard to argue with
  • Coffee lovers of coffee with a darker roast or more developed roast profile – the Bean Envy French Press has heavy body/mouthfeel but little flavour clarity that many would find hard to justify brewing with a light roast
  • Baristas starting off in coffee – while this French Press won’t excite any barista by any means, French Press coffee is still valued by baristas. The typical professional barista starting off working in cafés isn’t being paid well-enough to justify paying $75 for a French Press, no matter how much they love this brew method for a fresh brew every now and then. Professional baristas are also likely to be living in shared accommodation so won’t worry if a flatmate cracks this French Press due to Bean Envy’s Lifetime Guarantee to replace their broken French Press. However, no professional barista will like the milk texture from a milk frother compared to what their skills can do at work.
  • SIze Range
  • One Size – 34oz/1Litre
  • Taste Profile

The taste profile of the Bean Envy model is typical of that of a typical French Press – heavy body, little flavour clarity. The Bean Envy French Press is well-suited for those who enjoy milk in their cup – with or without using the accompanying Bean ENvy milk frother. The stainless steel mesh filter is a typical filter that will let a lot of fines through – expect some coffee silt in your cup.

Short Description

  • What is the Bean Envy French Press?

The Bean Envy French Press is a typical French Press – there are no brewing frills with this model. It makes a litre of French Press coffee. What is surprising is the quality of the materials used – the glass is thicker, durable borosilicate glass, all the metal components are stainless steel and all the plastic components are free from BPA/BPS (harmful plastics).

While you shouldn’t expect great things from any cheap milk frother – Bean Envy’s frother falls under the Lifetime Guarantee too so if this cheap finicky thing breaks, you can contact Bean Envy’s customer service and get a brand new one. It comes with a stand, looks rather nice as milk frothers go and, incredibly, has 1400 reviews on Amazon priced at 60% of this bundles $25 price tag so Bean Envy must be doing something right and it sounds like it’s their customer service and commitment to their Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Finish with including the styles and size differences

Technical Review (Long Description)

  • French Press Design & Materials

The Bean Envy French Press will look cheap and plasticy to hold but won’t actually feel as cheap to hold as one might expect at this price point. Good value for the materials used – especially when the French Press comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to replace it if the French Press, or milk frother for that matter, breaks. This is because the materials are of surprisingly high quality – BPA/BPS-free plastic, borosilicate glass (a type of glass that’s resistant to thermal shock (going from cold to hot/hot to cold instantaneously)) and the metal components are all stainless steel.

The Bean Envy French Press is only available in black, which seems fine as it matches the colour of the accompanying milk frother. The milk frother comes with a stand to hold it upright on a countertop highly-rated as far as Amazon reviews go with a 4.5 star rating out of almost 1,400 reviews at the time of writing this.

One point in the design which may annoy some people is that you can’t remove the outer black plastic base/handle/holder from the glass brewing chamber of the French Press – it’s fixed together for life.

  • French Press Filter Design & Materials

The filter on the Bean Envy French Press is that of a typical French Press – it will result in a heavy body and little flavour clarity. It’s made of stainless steel, as are the plunger/screws,gaskets that it attaches to. Bean Envy throw in an extra one of their French Press filter, the majority of which I would guess will spend decades in a drawer that time forgot.

The Pro’s

  • Lifetime Guarantee – Bean Envy offer good customer service on their products and will replace either the French Press or the milk frother should either of them break on you at any point.
  • It’s a large French Press – 1 Litre, which is great value for this price-point
  • High quality materials of the French Press components – borosilicate glass (durable and resistant to thermal shock), plastic made without BPA/BPS components and stainless steel.
  • It’s a French Press – an oldie but a goodie of a coffee brewing method that’s always good to have in reserve – especially for times when someone calls over to your place and only drink coffee with milk and/or sugar
  • Milk Frothers like these, while many professional baristas will scoff at the prospect of owning one, are very useful for mixing powders such as matcha or chocolate to avoid lumps of powder in the resulting brew your serve.
  • Neither the ground coffee, brewing water or resulting freshly-brewed French Press comes into contact with the plastic components of Bean ENvy’s French Press at any point
  • High-quality filter grinder isn’t necessary (blade grinders are still not advised to be used for brewing at all – burr filter coffee grinders all the way for dramatically-improved flavour results in any coffee brew method)

The Con’s

  • While they have a Lifetime Guarantee – don’t be expecting that buying either the French Press or the milk frother will last you a Lifetime at this price point
  • While it’s high-quality plastic that’s free from harmful plastics such as BPA/BPS – it’s still plasticy to look at and to hold
  • It’s a glass French Press – albeit a French Press made of durable, thermal-shock resistant borosilicate glass which means it won’t survive a topple from a counter or being knocked hard on the corner of a hard counter, unlike French Presses made of durable stainless steel (of which you can find on this website for less than Bean Envy’s asking price for this combo, such as the Bellemain 1 Litre French Press that is far more durable and better insulated to keep your French Press filter coffee hotter for longer).
  • The glass is not removable from the plastic exterior – if the glass breaks, you can’t replace the shattered glass carafe with a new one from the manufacturer, unlike the high-quality Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker.
  • These sort of Milk frothers are time-consuming, aren’t that great at what they do and never feel particularly nice to use – very finicky contraptions that all-too-often just becomes another thing never used in a drawer that time forgot
  • As with the vast, vast majority of French Presses – the spent ground coffee in Bean Envy’s French Press is still in contact with the finished freshly-brewed coffee unless served immediately or poured into a seperate serving carafe. There are French Press models that separate the spent ground coffee from the finsihed brew after the plunger hits the bottom of the French Press – such as models from Espro.
  • Not suitable for travelling with at all

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Bean Envy French Press is typical of cleaning any French Press – The stainless steel French Press filter mesh is not dishwasher-safe – all the other components of the Bean Envy French Press are top-rack dishwasher safe. That said, a simple rinse shortly after brewing will keep this French Press in a well-maintained condition. The mesh coffee filters on French Presses like Bean Envy’s are simple to remove and put back on – it’s just an extra step.

The plastic that wraps around the glass brewing chamber won’t separate which may annoy some people that would worry about cleanliness levels between the glass and plastic components of the Bean Envy French Press. Washing with a soapy cloth every now and then should put these concerns to rest.

The Bean Envy Milk Frother is not dishwasher safe. The best way to clean a milk frother is rinse it under a tap after use and turn it on when washing the tip so that Bean Envy’s milk frother self-cleans through centrifugal force.

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