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Gooseneck Kettle Buying Advice

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Gooseneck Kettle Buying Advice

What are Gooseneck Kettles?

Gooseneck Kettles are a brew tool used by baristas to help brew pour filter coffee and create more consistent results in doing so. They are useful for brewing pour over filter coffee but are absolutely non-essential especially if you brew no more than 2 cups of filter coffee daily. They do spark joy for both home and professional baristas though.

How do Gooseneck Kettles work better than using a regular kettle?

Gooseneck Kettles are all about controlling the pour of water over the bed of ground coffee within the pour over brewer. There are four ways that goosenecks work better than regular kettles for baristas.

  1. The ‘Gooseneck’ refers to the elongated spout on these barista tools. The distance between the handle and the opening of the elongated spout is greater than a typical kettle. This greater distance allows more steady control of how much water will flow from the spout when you tip it over your Pour Over Brewer.
  1. The narrow spout helps to control the amount of water that comes out – the flow rate. A typical kettle has a much wider spout which can cause a lot of water to splash out if not being mindful when pouring – especially if the typical kettle is full to the top. A good Gooseneck Kettle will offer a slower flow rate for greater control of your pour.
  1. The narrow spout allows the barista to pour where in the coffee bed where she wants the water to flow.
  1. The elongated neck and narrow spout allows for the hot water to fall over the coffee grounds from as little a height as possible. This is very important as you want to keep the bed of ground coffee as even as possible within the filter as well as agitating the grounds as little as possible. If you drop your hot wwater from a height over the bed, you’ll create empty air channels within the coffee bed that the hot water will flow right through, rather than through the coffee. This leads to watery, underextracted Pour Over filter coffees.

Together these four factors help the barista get more consistent results and allows for some creativity with their Pour Over technique. If you are making 20 filter coffees daily, and have customers coming back for more, it’s important to get things right again and again to produce similar results from one cup to the next.

Gooseneck Kettles are interesting tools but not essential for home baristas that brew a cup or two daily – you just have to be more careful with your pour technique with a regular kettle. When you’re a professional barista, there are so many things flying at you – customers to serve, personalities to work with, tables to sweep, chefs to cope with – let alone making the hundreds of cups of coffee. Gooseneck Kettles minimise errors in Pour Over technique which would otherwise occur easily when a barista becomes momentarily distracted. When you’re brewing a cup for yourself at home, it’s far easier to focus on that one cup in a mindful fashion with a regular kettle.

Are there different types of gooseneck kettle?

All gooseneck kettles fall into 2 simple categories:

  1. Manual – which you have to fill with hot water or fill with cold water and place on your stove to boil
  2. Electric – boils the water for you

What are the advantages of Gooseneck Kettles?

Minimises errors in Pour Over technique – such as dropping water from a height over the coffee bed

Allows for more creativity in Pour Over technique

Allows more consistent positive results, with coffees tasting the same from one cup to the next, through eliminating errors regularly

Great for watering indoor plants too – especially those thirsty ones

Electric Gooseneck Kettles boil the water for you – elinating one extra step. Some also allow you to vary the temperature

Why I enjoy them is that using one for my morning Pour Over adds a sense of ritual, adding to the mindfulness kick I get out of making a daily Pour Over

Gooseneck Kettles are absolutely not essential to create a delicious pour

What are the disadvantages of Gooseneck Kettles?

You may love owning one, you may find it an unnecessary purchase on another thing that’s crowding up your cupboard space. Again, they are genuinely useful tools but not necessary for brewing up juicy Pour Overs.

Noisey: Some of the electric Gooseneck Kettles can be noisey with unnecessary beeps when you touch any button or when the water has been boiled – annoying, especially in flatshares. Thankfully, not all Gooseneck Kettles are noisey – just something to watch out for.

Poor Handle Design: This mainly applies to manual Gooseneck Kettles. While handles on electric Gooseneck Kettles may be hella ugly, they’re not dangerous. Many people buy Manual Gooseneck Kettles forĀ use on gas stoves, only to find that the handle is too fragile/is made of plastic to be able to use it on their gas stove.

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