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Top 10 Best Manual Gooseneck Kettles of 2019


Top 10 Best Manual Gooseneck Kettles of 2019

Hey Coffee Fan,

Here are the Top 10 Best Manual Gooseneck Kettles currently available to buy in 2019. Manual Gooseneck Kettles are the types that you either fill up with water from an electric kettle or heat up on a gas/electric stove. There are Electric Gooseneck Kettles that heat the water up as well, some even allowing you to set which exact temperature you’d like for brewing. If you are looking for fresh brews of filter coffee with your Pour Over Coffee Maker that are consistently satisfying to drink, then you may want to invest in a Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle.

Importantly, Gooseneck Kettles are simple devices that need not be expensive – one for  under $20 will work just as well to make a tastey brew as the flash one for over $200.

Quick Note About the Top 10 Best Gooseneck Kettle List before we begin:

My lists are honest, unbiased and nobody is paying me to include/exclude any coffee equipment. My site is all about being as close as possible to asking your local barista that you’ve befriended for advice on buying coffee equipment that a barista would like to use themselves or at work – you’ll never find coffee products on these lists just because they’re high sellers on Amazon (what ALL other affiliate sites do). You’ll only find what I’d recommend to a friend. You’ll find only what I’d recommend to a friend or customer at the café I’m working in.

My Top 10 mightn’t be your Top 10 and I’m all for you making an informed buying decision so that you’re buying the Gooseneck Kettle that’s right for you. That’s why you’ll find my Buying Guide included after you scroll through the list.

After reading this and feel like I haven’t answered all your questions or feel like I’m leaving some critical info on Gooseneck Kettles, please reach out to me by email and I’ll get back to you! coffeelikeabarista@gmail.com
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Rank Image Top 10 Best Manual Gooseneck Kettles of 2019 Product Name of Top 10 Best Manual Gooseneck Kettles of 2019 Price AMAZON LINK
1 Kslong $26 https://amzn.to/2pkXBqz
2 Java Concepts $17 https://amzn.to/334vSc3
3 Kalita Wave $55 https://amzn.to/2BWwzIJ
4 Sulives $1299 https://amzn.to/2NzXaRk
5 Diguo $7
6 Bean Envy $25 https://amzn.to/2KoSiQy
7 Zell $20 https://amzn.to/2oz5Crj
8 Emousport $18 https://amzn.to/36lMDBJ
9 Chefbar $20 https://amzn.to/2JBc60k
10 Hario Buono $38.90 https://amzn.to/2P61zKt

1. Kslong


Kslong Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • Capacity: 600ML / 20 oz & Color: Body: Black + Handle: Wood color.Suitable for one or two cups of coffee and enjoy a person's coffee time.
  • The coffee pot body is made of high-quality stainless steel material.It has a beautiful shape and is coated with Teflon material.It is durable,scratch-resistant,high temperature resistant and odorless,and easy to clean.
  • Professional gooseneck fine tip design,more effective control of water flow speed,gentle water flow.Novices can also be well controlled,and users can easily and conveniently create a cup of aromatic coffee and enjoy the most authentic taste of the coffee.
  • There are air holes on the lid to prevent scald from opening the lid.The lid is integrated with the body,so you don't have to worry about the lid falling when the water is poured.The wooden handle is ergonomically designed to prevent sliding and scalding.
  • Suitable for home,kitchen,office,coffee shop,tea house,etc.It has thickness and weight, it is very textured in the hand,and regard as teapot also pretty good,It is a beautiful embellishment on the table.

The Kslong (if you figure out a way of pronouncing it, let me know!) makes it onto the list for it’s style, wooden handle and affordability. At $25, this Gooseneck Kettle is a bargain. I really like how the lid flips back, rather than having to fully remove/attach the lid every time which makes me wonder why this isn’t done more (it’s likely down to cost!). Gooseneck Kettles may be an everyday brewing device for you, or whoever you gift this to, and it’s always nicer to be holding a wooden handle rather than one made with plastic or stainless steels.

The matte black finish with a matching wooden sphere on top of the lid is thoughtful design, especially at this price. The handle is cocked at an angle that makes this safe to heat on a gas stove (essential for camping) which, while making complete sense, isn’t the case for far more expensive/trendy Gooseneck Kettles that I don’t recommend (eg the non-electric Stagg).


  • Wooden Handle
  • Lid flips back rather than having to be fully removed to fill
  • Matte Black finish
  • Wooden sphere on top of lid matches the handle


  • No thermometer


2. Java Concepts:


Java Concepts Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • GOOSENECK SPOUT - Beautiful spout for precise pour-over control and no dripping! Pour at exactly the right speed, temperature and volume.
  • VERSATILE - Kettle works with gas, electric, or induction cooktops. SS430 Steel. 1 Liter Capacity
  • THERMOMETER - Built-in thermometer for exact temperature control
  • INSULATED HANDLE - Handle stays cool for safe, easy handling and use
  • NO RUST - SS430 Steel and 'Coiling' method of construction protects against rust and is more durable in long term use

This newcomer to the Pour Over scene is great value. The stainless steel has a mirror finish with an overall shape that’s reminiscent of the very expensive Stagg Gooseneck Kettle (of which the manual Stagg didn’t make it onto this Top 10 List (because of a design flaw when heating on a gas stove) but the electric version has come out on top of the Top 10 Electric Gooseneck Kettle List). The Java Concepts Gooseneck Kettle has an in-built thermometer and a silicone grip on the handle that keeps the handle cool when the kettle is hot.


  • Excellent value
  • Unique design at this price-range
  • Thermometer
  • Silicone on handle provides grip and keeps the handle cool when kettle is hot


  • The usual 30 Day Return Policy only – no annual or Lifetime Warranties as found on others on this list.


3. Kalita Wave:


Kalita Wave Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • Base diameter 123mm/4.82 in
  • Thickness of plating: 0.6mm
  • 18-8 base made from 18% chrome

Kalita have been in the coffee game a long time now, particularly with this cult classic Gooseneck Kettle, and have not been copied, unlike the Hario Buono. This is probably to do with the higher quality materials used to craft this Japanese-made Gooseneck Kettle. In my experience, the Kalita Gooseneck Kettle pours better than a Buono Gooseneck Kettle despite not having quite The wooden handle is lovely to hold – important for those that are to use this daily.


  • Classic design
  • Wooden Handle


  • Small diameter at the base makes this unsuitable for heating on many gas stoves – have to be careful of the wooden handle


4. Sulives:


Sulives Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • PERFECT GOOSENECK SPOUT - The pour over kettle with gooseneck spout perfect controls the amount of water,allowing you to enjoy the process of brewing coffee and give you a perfect cup of coffee.
  • ACCURATE THERMOMETER DESIGN - The perfect combination of thermometer and gooseneck radian allows you to make a cup of ideal coffee.According to your taste, you can precisely control the water temperature to create a cup of fragrant coffee.
  • WOOD HANDLE GIVES A WARM EXPERIENCE - A wooden handle that prevents hand burns.Reject the danger of melting plastic handles at high temperatures.Our products are suitable for all stovetop,including gas stove, induction cookers and electric stovetop.
  • The unique design of the lid - The inner ring of the lid is designed with two special buckles, so that the lid is more fixed on the kettle body to prevent falling when pouring water.Made with medical grade 18/8 quality stainless steel with BPA free.
  • Sincere Service - Sulives is committed to giving customers the best experience,if you are not satisfied with the using experience, please feel free to contact us and you will receive a full refund.So buy it TODAY - CLICK Add to Cart NOW

The design behind the Sulives may not be edgy but the wooden handle at this price makes this a solid option to opt for in 2019. The wide base fits the majority of stovetops. The raised handle allows for a balanced pour and makes this Gooseneck Kettle safe to heat over a gas stove. Good size for brewing a large batch of Chemex at 40oz/1.2 Litre


  • Excellent value
  • Wooden Handle
  • Thermometer


  • The usual 30 Day Return Policy only – no annual or Lifetime Warranties as found on others on this list.


5. Diguo:

Diguo Coffee Syphon Cloth Filter Replacement – 10 Pack



The Pro’s of Buying Replacement Cloth Filters for your Syphon Coffee Maker:


The Con’s of Buying Replacement Cloth Filters for your Syphon Coffee Maker:

Look Ma! No Hand(le)s!! A unique style at a fair price. Diguo’s answer to a Gooseneck Kettle is one that features no handle and a wooden sphere on the top of the lid. Heat protection is from a synthetic/vegan leather instead, which has nice stitch detail that wraps around the kettle. THis is useful if storage is a factor – Gooseneck Kettles are pretty awkward to store with limited space.

The Wrapping on the Diguo fits securely and won’t slip – not just because of how it ties at the back but through how the spout sticks through a particular hole in the wrap. While there isn’t a thermometer on this model, there’s a small hole on the lid that will fit one if you’d like to add one – these thermometers are very inexpensive. Opt for the 10oz/300ml version if you brew 8oz cups of filter coffee per brew and the 17oz version if you prefer 12-14oz brews.

This is for pouring one or two brews in quick succession, more than that in one session and you’ll be wishing you’d opted for a Gooseneck with a handle.


  • Handleless Design
  • Unique design
  • Easiest to store – useful if you have little space


  • No thermometer (though small hole in lid allows for one should you like to add one)
  • Handleless Design isn’t suitable for many brews one after another

6. Bean Envy:

Bean Envy French Press Coffee Maker with Milk Frother



  • Lifetime Guarantee - Bean Envy offer good customer service on their products and will replace either the French Press or the milk frother should either of them break on you at any point.


  • While they have a Lifetime Guarantee - don’t be expecting that buying either the French Press or the milk frother will last you a Lifetime at this price point

Bean Envy have made it on to this list – not for their design, it’s the most shockingly-similar to the Hario Buono (see below) of the copycats that I’m surprised that they copied so closely – they offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Bean Envy do this with their products. You’re rolling the dice with them. They create a good product and mass produce it. Most people give a 5 star rating but, because of how they’re manufactured, the quality isn’t high in all of them. However, with their warranty and customer service, you can get your Gooseneck Kettle replaced with the longest warranty on offer. Bean Envy’s Gooseneck features a glass lid with a thermometer also. There are other Hario Buono copycats of similar quality – this has the best design, warranty and price.


  • Thermometer
  • Glass lid
  • Pro/Con: The copycat that resembles the Hario Buono the closest (whether that’s a pro or a con I’ll leave up to you)


  • Copycat Design of the Hario Buono (though you could only really tell if you put them side by side)


7. Zell:


Zell Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

● Durable Design: Our highly rated tea pot is perfect for making pour over coffee or hot tea. This 18/8 stainless steel tea kettle is BPA-free and will not rust, corrode, retain or transfer flavors.● Timeless Design: With design in mind, our stylish and modern water kettle displays beautifully in homes and is convenient to use. To make boiling hot water, simply fill the teapot with water, put on the lid and place the kettle on a heated stove. ● Quick Heating: Be your own barista and create delicious drinks in the comfort of your home with your pour over kettle. Make your mornings brighter by using your pour over coffee kettle to make the perfect cup of joe. The tea pots stainless steel interior heats up quickly so you can save time and enjoy your beverage faster. ● Precision Pouring: For smooth and easy pouring, our hot water kettle has a stay cool handle and a slip-resistant grip. With the teapot’s elegant gooseneck, you can pour hot liquids without creating drips or messes. ● Versatile Use: Safe for use on gas, electric, and induction stovetops. The angled handle keeps hands away from the heated kettle. This timeless stovetop kettle is a terrific gift for yourself or others!  

The Zell makes it onto my list because of the style, size and price (currently $20). This is great for brewing a large batch of Pour Over Coffee due to the capacity, such as 800ml-1.1L of a Chemex. The Zell is lightweight for it’s size. The light weight of this Gooseneck Kettle comes at the price of losing heat quickly, however if you fill this to 1.3L of the 47oz/1.4L capacity, the Zell should keep its heat long enough throughout the 5 minute brewing time (Chemex typically takes 5 minutes. The tall handle design makes it safe for heating on a gas stove as well as a more ergonomic pour, needing less strain to get the right angle to get the water flowing.


  • Great value (listed at $20 at time of writing)
  • Very Large 47oz/1.4 L size


  • The downside with this model is the loose-fitting lid on this kettle – you’ll have to hold it to the kettle during the pour or it might topple off.


8. Emousport:


Emousport Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • Fine 6mm water outlet and S type design, water free decisive, smooth flow of water.
  • Mouth of a pot involution, smooth and not to hurt the hand.
  • The lid of the pot has an air vent, and it won't be hot.
  • The unique design of handle, elegant and fashion, comfortable feel, the bottom of the pot concave design, effective anti slip.
  • This product can not only make good coffee, but also good tea. At home, in the office, outdoors, you can enjoy your leisure time and improve your work efficiency.

While this is the cheapest option on our list (currently listed at $18), Gooseneck Kettles are simple barista tools and this will work as effectively for making a delicious Pour Over filter coffee just as effectively as any Gooseneck Kettles that’s ten times the price or higher. In the busiest Pour Over Filter café that I’ve ever seen, Monmouth’s London, they used a kettle that resembled this kettle than any other found on this list. A good option for those who are looking to make


  • Minimal Design
  • Matte Black finish
  • 600ml is plenty for two 8oz filter coffees
  • Great value


  • Small diameter and handle design makes this unsuitable for heating on a stovetop as the base of the handle, particularly towards the base, will be too hot to… handle.


9. Chefbar:


Chefbar Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

  • PERFECT GOOSE-NECK COFFEE KETTLE -- Chefbar Pouring-Over Kettle is designed with an ergonomic handle and gooseneck spout nozzle permitting a controlled flow of hot water into your Chemex, French press or coffee maker. Also, the hot-resistant handle and slip-resistant grip ensure that the kettle does not slip when you are pouring water;
  • PREMIUM QUALITY TEA KETTLES STOVE TOP -- This 1 liter, 4 cup stainless steel tea kettle is constructed with premium quality 304 18/10 food grade steel, making it more durable and rust resistant, yet still light-weighted. BPA Free!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY HANDLE DESIGN -- Stove top Kettle with Bakelite handle, when boiling water you can lift the handle up and keep the flame on the bottom. The handle is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and grip.
  • HEATING UP QUICKLY -- Efficiently boils up water for your green tea, oolong tea, white tea, black iced tea, herbal tea, coffee or other drinks that you favor, great for you to make your favorite hot drink,comforting taste of your favorite herbal or green tea in just minutes. Safe to use on Gas, Electric, Induction Stove top for Fast Water heating. It'll get your craving done.
  • NEVER BOILS OVER -- Our portable kettle is specifically designed to keep water from spouting out of the gooseneck, meaning you won’t have to clean up the messy when you’re traveling, outdoor camping or at home.

If this Gooseneck Kettle were an Olympic Athlete it would be definitely be a fencer saying “En Garde!!”. No? Just me then. The Chefbar is an example of a great value Gooseneck Kettle made of the same quality stainless steel as all the others on this list. The wide diameter of the base and the higher handle makes this a great kettle for those looking to heat on an electric or gas stove, as opposed to filling with water from an electric kettle or boiler. This is currently priced at $20 though I wonder how long that may be the case. There’s no thermometer though you can add one – they’re inexpensive devices – to it easily through one of the heat valve holes in the lid. As for the design… I’m on the fence.


  • Great value for $20
  • Ergonomic handle that’s designed to be suitable for heating on a stove


  • Plastic handle with matching plastic lid top
  • Design is a bit meh


10. Hario Buono:

The Buono has made it onto the list because it’s the Grandfather of the Gooseneck Kettles as well as the quality of it’s build that you can trust from the Japanese coffee equipment specialist Hario. That said, Hario has ten times the level of competition that they faced only 2-3 years ago. Hario is a Japanese company that was the first to produce a Gooseneck Kettle that looks like this and the company has achieved cult status among baristas. While their design is no longer unique, their pricey copper version has made it onto the Top 10 Most Stylish Gooseneck Kettles. This is the Gooseneck Kettle that Bean Envy (above on this list) and many, many more have copy-catted.


  • The original Gooseneck Kettle of this design that so many have copied
  • Brand Consious Baristas: Hario have a cult-like following
  • A quality construction that you can trust from Hario


  • Pricey
  • Plastic handle
  • No longer a unique design – majority of copy-cats have the same-level of quality construction that costs a lot less
  • No thermometer
  • Gooseneck Kettle Buyer’s Guide
  • What are Gooseneck Kettles?


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